Tile Flooring Options

If you are looking for tile, you are sure to find exactly what you want at our showroom at Tri-County Carpet and Flooring in Fairbury, IL. Tile is the most durable and stain resistant flooring available. However, material costs and the labor involved in the installation also make it more expensive. It is used on walls and showers due to its resistance to moisture. Tri-County carries all types of samples for back splashes, accents, and designs for any room. Visit our store today to find tile from some of the most popular brands on the market, including Glazzio Tiles, Virginia Tile, and Daltile. 

Floor Options

Encaustic Tiles
Available glazed or unglazed, encaustic tiles are inlaid with designs and textured effects ideal for accenting backsplashes and entryways.

Marble Tiles
Theses tiles are very attractive and can be used in most household areas. Polished marble provides a rich and clean surface for any area. A popular accent for entries, bathrooms and fireplaces.

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tiles are made by firing clay, talc and other materials at very high temperatures in a kiln. Ceramic tiles come in both glazed and unglazed varieties and can be made with recylced materials (e.g. windshields; glass bottles)

Porcelain Tiles
Actually a type of ceramic, porcelain tiles are made by firing clay, sand and other materials at a very high temperature. The result is a tile that's dense and moisture resistant. Porcelain tiles are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Backsplash & Designer Tile
Made from glass, metal, ceramic & stone pieces to accent any floor or wall design. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Ferfect for kitchens, baths & flooring accents.

Made of natural earth stone cut and shaped into many sizes. It's the most durable and expensive tile acceptable for any location.

Vinyl Composition Tile
VCT is made of crushed plastic and vinyl materials to create very durable flooring for commerical applications such as warehouses, schools, cafeterias, etc... VCT floors are usually coated with wax or polish to protect and make the surface easy to clean.

Designer Vinyl Tile
Similar to VCT except the tiles are made to resemble real ceramic tile and available in any style or color. Also known as Duroceramic or Alterna these are popular because of affordability, realism, and they're much thinner than ceramic. Can be grouted, requires no waxing and can be replaced easily.


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